EZ Backup Skype Basic

EZ Backup Skype Basic Version 6.42 Free trial

Backup for Skype which enables saving and retrieving contacts and user settings

Skype had developed in recent years to be an important means of communication with people all over the world. Its simplicity and the convenience it offers convinced a lot of people to use it widely. Imagine the frustration of losing all of your contacts' details. The consequences of such a loss can be much more severe than mere frustration. Imagine losing all of your business partners' contact details just before a major deal is about to get underway. This can actually mean financial loses.
Luckily enough there are backup solutions and options to save this important information and get it out of harm's way. One of these backup solutions is EZ Backup Skype Basic which makes it easy to backup your Skype Contacts information and Settings to any local, network or removable drive.
To make it even easier to use and recover in case of need, EZ Backup Skype Basic creates a self-restoring backup archive. To make it even more accessible, this archive includes a wizard interface that will guide you through the process of restoring your data.
EZ Backup Skype Basic offers a trial version that can create up to 7 backups. However, in order to restore your data you must purchase the software program itself.
In order to avoid the consequences of losing this precious information we strongly suggest putting to use one backup solution or another.
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